John Cameron
From the 1889 Goodspeed History
          John Cameron is one of the worthy farmers of Texas County, Mo., and is a son of Malcom and Rose (Craig) Cameron, both of whom were born in County Antrim, Ireland, and were there also reared and married, their five children being also born there. The father was a weaver by occupation, and in 1847 sailed for America, landing at Montreal, Canada; two of his children died while on the voyage, and were buried at sea. The father and eldest son took ship fever, from which they died soon after landing, the widow and remaining children being cared for by the wife of Rev. Willoughby until they could secure homes elsewhere. While with this lady John Cameron was sent to school, and secured a fair education. He was born in April 1838, and at the age of ten years became errand boy in a printing office, for which he received his board and clothes. At the age of thirteen years he began learning the plumber's trade, at which he served an apprenticeship of five years, and worked at his trade in Canada until 1865, when he went to New York, and worked in that city and in Brooklyn until 1877, when he took up his abode in Texas County, Mo., where he is the owner of 360 acres of land, which he earned by working at his trade. On his arrival here he had never ridden a horse or driven a team, and the first year he was compelled to hire his plowing done, but the second year took hold himself, and has become on of the best farmers in the neighborhood. In 1870 he was united in marriage to Miss Agnes C. Bell, who was also born in County Antrim, Ireland, and by whom he is the father of seven children: Rose Ella, John, David M. Jennie B., William W., James R., and Aggie, who is deceased. Mr. Cameron is a Republican in politics, and he and wife belong to the Methodist Episcopal Church.


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