Kelly Family Cemetery

From Katherine Barber, contributor: Kelly Plot Cemetery is located in Upton Township, Texas Co., MO. 
It's on a private farm and now has No Trespassing signs posted. Turn on a dirt road about a half mile north 
of Huggins Post Office. The family story is that my great great grandfather Alexander Kelly was buried at the 
lower edge of his garden. There are 3 grave stones there. The other two are his grandchildren. There was a space next to 
Alexander that was vacant. It is assumed that it was left for the wife, Mary Jeanette "Polly" (Hinchcliff) Kelly. 
But she moved to Nebraska with grown children, remarried (Marshall) and was buried at Oakdale Cemetery, Antelope Co., Nebraska.

Please note: This listing is complete. 
This cemetery is no longer active.

Kelly Alexander 29 Dec 1821 19 July 1885 "Farewell"               Detail 1              Detail 2
"A loving husband, a father dear. A faithful friend lies buried here."
Kelly Eda M. 26 Nov 1885 29 May 1886 dau of A.R. & M.J. Kelly
Ritchey George A. 18 Sept 1887 4 May 1887 son of J.L. & S.A. Ritchey


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