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Samuel H. Fry


Samuel H. Fry was fatally injured last Thursday at his farm, northeast of Mountain Grove by a team of horses and a disk harrow. He was immediately brought to his home in town and Drs. Hubbard and Lanes called. At first the Drs. were inclined to think Mr. Fry had a chance for recovery but symptoms of internal injuries developed rapidly and the injured man died early Friday morning.

Mr. Fry, who only recently bought property in this city and moved his family to it, went to his farm Thursday morning to sow some grass seed. He hitched his team to a disk harrow and when he started the team the lines in some way become entangled in the disks. This caused the team to back and as the team backed the lines tightened. Mr. Fry was thrown from the disk and it was backed over him. Then one of the horses trampled upon him. When help reached him he was fearfully bruised. When he was brought home he told his wife that he could not live and asked for some one to set his business matters in shape. Mr. W. S. Candler was called and transacted the business. After this the courageous man met death without so much as a murmer.

Samuel H. Fry was born in Roane county Tenn., April 12, 1850. When a young man he taught school and later took up farming and was most successful in this line.

In 1883 he was married to Miss Isabelle Angel. To this union four children were born. The eldest, Miss Hallie, died two years ago at the age of 22, Miss May is a school teacher, while Nina and Edith are at home with their mother.

The funeral services took place Saturday from the family residence and were conducted by Rev. J. Needham of this city. The remains were laid to rest in the Stubbs cemetery three miles northeast of town.

Samuel H. Fry was a substantial unassuming man, the kind that goes to make up the best citizenship, and he will be missed in his wide circle friends and acquaintances.



From: Mountain Grove Journal, October 3, 1907
Submitted by: Imogene Bennett


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