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Mrs. Decatur Johnson


Mrs. Decatur Johnson died at her home near Yukon, last Friday, the 7th, after suffering for several weeks with consumption and pneumonia fever. She was laid to rest in Ozark Cemetery Saturday in the presence of a large crowd of sorrowing relatives and friends. Mrs. Johnson was a Christian woman and will be sadly missed. It had only been 19 days since Mr. Johnson was laid to rest; now the mother has made her departure. We extend our sincere sympathy to bereaved ones.

Father and mother have gone and left you,
Oh, how lonely is your home;
They have gone to live with Jesus,
Where sorrow is not known.
Boys, prepare to meet your loved ones,
On that bright eternal shore,
Where you can go and live with Jesus,
Never, never to part anymore.
Brothers, sisters, loved ones,
Let not your hearts be grieved,
Just follow on to Heaven,
And in Jesus' arms be received.

From The Houston Herald - February 13, 1908
Posted by: Janet Johnson


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