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Georgia Nicholson

Henry Wilhelm Who Tried To Right Car At the Hospital Suffering From Internal Injuries.

On Her Way To Cabool To Spend Week With ParentsóBrother's Car Preceded Her Car.

Miss Georgia Nicholson, 24, was instantly killed and her companion, Henry Wilhelm, baker at the Electrik, Maid Bakery was seriously injured when an automobile in which they had started for the girl's home at Cabool, Mo., left Highway No. 50 five miles east of the city and plunged seventy-five feet over a 30-foot fill at 2:30 this afternoon hospital.

Wilhelm was taken to the hospital. Eye witnesses said the girl lost control of the machine as she was attempting to pass another car and that her companion reached over to take the steering gear just as the machine left the road.

Miss Nicholson, who had been employed at the Flower Basket on High street, for the past year, was starting on her vacation, which she intended to spend with her parents at Cabool, Mo. Her brother, Hugh Nicholson, and his wife, were in the machine immediately preceding her car. They looked back and when they did not see his sister's car, turned their machine and went back.

A witness of the accident who was in an automobile immediately ahead, said that she turned when she heard a horn sounded. She said she saw the machine behind her swinging and apparently out of control
and called her companion's attention to it. By that time Miss Nicholson's car had passed them, turning sharply to the left, The girl apparently pulled the car to the right side of the road and Wilhelm started to right it. He was a second too late. The car left the pavement three feet from the end of the guard rail, hit an obstruction and turned over end down the steep embankment. 

Miss Nicholson was dead when those in the car she had just passed reached her. Wilhelm was in a dazed condition and was rushed to the hospital, where it was said he was suffering from internal injuries. He was expected to recover. He refused to discuss the accident with newspaper reporters, declaring that he did not know how it happened. The machine was literally reduced to a mass of twisted steel and splintered wood. The machine struck large boulders as it turned over and over into the ditch. Miss Nicholson had a wide acquaintance in Jefferson City, she was associated with Mrs. Fritz Schott in the Flower Basket for the past year.

The body was sent to Cabool late this evening for burial.


From the Jefferson City Post Tribune, Saturday, 17 August 1929, Page 1
Posted by: John C. Oester


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