Pictures of Past Citizens
of Texas County, MO 


Louisa Catherine Mitchell
b. 22/Sep/1830-White Co. TN
d. 14/Jul/1914-Houston, Texas, MO
John Hardy Hubbard
b.23/Apr/1821-Randolph Co. MO
d. 6/Mar/1867-Houston, Texas, MO

John Hardy Hubbard & 
Louisa Catherine Mitchell 



They are parents of Spencer M. Hubbard of which *Goodspeed's* mentions in 1889.

Both buried in Pine Lawn Cemetery. 

Their homestead once was 2 miles from Houston-city on Summersville Road near Brushy Creek. 

It was destroyed by a tornado 11/April/1979



Posted by: C.M. Wright  

Dr. Hubbard's home pictured here was destroyed by a tornado April 11, 1979. It was located 2 miles from Houston, Mo. on Brushy Creek near Summersville Road. This photo was taken several years after the porch, which was on three sides of the house, was removed.




Posted by C.M. Wright  who says, "This came from information given to me by Vicky Hubbard Dooms of Mt. Grove, MO. It was copied from a booklet written about the Hubbards " Search For Yesterday" compiled by Jean Hubbard Davis of Rolla, MO.
This was the parents of Spencer Mitchell Hubbard, and others of this surname."

Spencer Sterling Mitchell, Jr. and 
Mary Polly Malinda Lewis, his



These are the parents of Louisa Catherine (Mitchell) HUBBARD.
The Mitchells migrated to MO as well and settled at Licking, MO.




Posted by C.M. Wright  who says, "This was taken from booklet, Search For Yesterday, Jean Hubbard Davis-Rolla, MO."

Dr. John Hardy Hubbard Jr. 
William Asa Bates






Posted by C.M. Wright  who says, "This photo came from Vicky (Hubbard) Dooms of Mt. Grove, MO."

Dr. James McBride HUBBARD





Second son of Dr. John and Louisa (Mitchell) HUBBARD.
Hubbards lived on the Texas/Wright Co. line near Hickory Spring, Texas, MO. 
Hickory Spring incorporated into today's Mt. Grove, MO in or near county line.




Posted by C.M. Wright  who says, "I relate to [the Hubbards] through the Green/Roper family of Mt. Grove."

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