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Cabool was surveyed in September, 1882, for Ralph and Frances J. Walker, who acknowledged the plat September 27, that year.  Blocks 17 to 20 inclusive are shown south of the railroad, with Fish Lake and Piney River running generally west, and the depot grounds at the foot of Cedar Street.  The elevation is 1,250 feet above tide water at Mobile.

The Cedar Bluff Post-office, one-fourth miles east of Cabool, was established years ago, William B. Bradshaw being postmaster from 1852 to 1882, when George F. Pettigrew was commissioned.  In 1883 the office was transferred to Cabool, where Mr. Pettigrew has served since, except for ten months in 1884, when J. W. Gorman held the office.

The first houses built at Cabool, in 1883, were those of John O'Hearne, John Bauch, Farris & Pettigrew, T. W. and G. M. Roberts; R.E. Beasley, who built the house now known as the City Hotel, conducted by Mr. Halley; while the dwellings of Dr. Marsh, G. F. Pettigrew, J. O'Hearn, Widow Cofflin and W. T. Yeaman were erected the same year, with many smaller buildings.

The first school-house was erected in 1884, and opened by Thomas Hardin and Robert Hubbard.  Frank H. Farris succeeded, with Miss Snelson and Joseph Hanna.  A. H. Kotchiskey followed, and then W. M. Cook, the present teacher.

GROWTH AND DEVELOPMENT - The business circle of 1885 was made up as follows:  Saw-mills, Anderson & Son, eight miles southeast; Barr & Holiday, ten miles southeast; D. B. Bradley, ten miles south; Robert A. Campbell, eight miles southwest; A. D'Spain, ten miles east; Joseph Fisher, Jr., six miles south; Keene & Son, seven miles southeast; John Keller, ten miles east; Frank Kendall; John R. Knapp, eight miles southeast; general stores, John Bauch, W. B. Conley, Farris & Co., (John R. Farris and George F. Pettigrew), S. J. Langston & Bro., Simmons & Co.; live stock, Bartholomew Bros., Abram Platt; grocers, John C. Davison, Albert T. Fengler, Henry Hengel, W. M. Johnson; carpenters, Yeaman & Harris, A. C. Van Slack, George W. Hardy; wagon maker, Daniel J. Bean; livery, Alfred H. Brown; harness makers, Bryson Bros., Frederick Miller; blacksmiths, Rust & Beck, C. G. McKinney; hotel, M.C. Frye; physicians, James W. Mires, J. A. Kirkman, S. M. Hubbard; saloon, Frank Cummings; newspaper, Comstock & Moore (Weekly Record); hardware and tinware, Cronin Bros.; lumber, Gaunt, Maupin & Co., Wade & Keithley (also feed dealers); shoemaker, Frank Keicher; planing-mill, Kendall & Sturtevant; druggists, Kirkman & Co., liquor dealer, John O'Hearn; furniture, F. P. Rutherford; stock dealer, William Small; meat market, Turner & Denman; baker, J. L. Slaughter; dress maker, Mrs. J.M. O'Hearn; lawyer, Thomas P. Moore; railroad and express agent, Otto U. Husted.

Many changes have been made within the last few years.  While the town has held numbers of her old business men, new men have taken the places of others, and new houses opened, among them the Sank's House.  Here is located an immense planer, which employs over 100 men in the manufacture of lumber.  There are also a number of saw-mills in the vicinity, and upon this trade Cabool depends for its support.  The town contains about 500 inhabitants, a number of stores, two saloons, one church and a school building, and is quite a flourishing little city.

INCORPORATION - The village was incorporated November 8, 1884, on a petition presented by Attorney U. M. Hines, which was signed by W. H. Hamilton, E. H. Rinker, Jasper Hanna, Samuel Hendricks, W. T. Oxley and others.  The boundaries included a part of the south half of the northwest quarter, and sixty acres of the north side of the north half of the southwest quarter, north of Piney River, Section 12, Township 28, Range 11.  The trustees named were W. W. Cronin, Dr. J. A. Kirkman, William Yeaman, John O'Hearn and J. W. Mires, who organized December 8, with John O'Hearn president; Dr. J. W. Mires, clerk, while Messrs. Mires, Cronin and Kirkman were appointed to draft a code of ordinances.  Robert Simmons was appointed marshal.  In December a jail building was authorized; G. F. Pettigrew qualified as treasurer in January, 1885.  In April, 1885, J. C. Berry was chosen president, and T. P. Moore, attorney, with the same clerk, treasurer and marshal as in 1884.  Messrs. O'Hearn, Cronin and Kirkman were members of the council.

In 1886 C. W. Wade was chosen president; T. L. Moore, clerk; J. S. Moore, marshal; J. S. Sanks, attorney; Jasper Hanna, J. R. Rust, W. T. Oxley and T. L. Moore were councilmen.  In July, S. H. Snelson was appointed marshal.  The board of 1887 comprised the same members as in 1886 except W. T. Oxley, whose place was occupied by H. B. Smith.  In April, 1888, J. B. Winger, W. T. Oxley, W. H. Hamilton, A. H. Brown and J. W. Price, president, formed the council.  J. B. Winger was appointed attorney, but resigning, J. H. Sanks was appointed.  In September J. B. Winter was elected president, vice Price, resigned, and J. C. Price, marshal.  The population is estimated at 600.  George F. Pettigrew has filled the position of treasurer since 1884.

CHURCHES - The churches are the Methodist Episcopal, of which the pioneer, Rev. Wesley Nall, is preacher; the Southern Methodist, of which Rev. N. W. Dowdy is pastor; the Baptist, of which Rev. W. Henderson is pastor, and the Cumberland Presbyterian, of which M. C. Brown is pastor.  Five miles south is the Concord Baptist Church, where Mr. Seabres presides; four miles northwest is the Weatherman school-house, where Messrs. Atkins and Mason preach to the Dunkards, and five miles north the Rust school-house, where the Dunkards also meet.

SOCIETIES - Barnes Lodge No. 116, A. F. & A. M., at Cabool, is now one of the most prosperous lodges in this part of the State.  The lodge was first organized at Gravel Point, and after the completion of the Kansas City, Springfield & Memphis Railroad through this county it was moved to Cabool.  The lodge now owns a fine store building, the upper portion of which is their hall.  Dr. Mires is Secretary, and one of the oldest members of this lodge.

The I. O. O. F., contemporary with the Masonic lodge, is a strong organization here.  J. P. Brenton is N. G., with Thomas L. Moore, Secretary.

Pardee Post No. 355, G. A. R., is a modern organization, of which H. P. Large is Commander and R. H. Falconer, adjutant.

A lodge of the A. O. U. W. was organized here, and now claims W. W. Cronin as Master Workman; who also presides over Assembly 8, 110, K of L.

The town shows unmistakable evidences of advancement, and is altogether a thorough business center.

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