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Summerville was platted on Section 24, Township 29, Range 7, and acknowledged by William D. Shuck, February 1, 1870.  A public square, bounded on the east by Main, north by Broadway, south by Water and west by the Missouri Street, is shown.  Simon S. Roak's addition was made in January, 1878.

The location is twenty-four miles northeast of Houston, in one of the finest farming regions of all Southern Missouri.  In 1885 the population was 100, and the business circle comprised McCaskill Bros., Jadwin, Jennings & Co., J. Q. Hamilton, T. J. Lewis, and Brown & Huffman, general merchants; E. A. Duncan and B. B. Stoop, druggists; James Madding, caterer; W. C. Dorris, hotel proprietor; J. R. Day, land agent; P. Baskett, wagon-maker; W. J. Hammers, blacksmith; A. Wilson, cabinet maker, and J. McCaskill, postmaster.  Very few changes have taken place in the old commercial circle, but new buildings have been added.  The leading business men now are James McCaskill, general merchant and owner of the Roller Mills; B. B. Stoop, drugs; W. B. Simmons & Son, merchants, and William Harris, hotel proprietor.  Rev. W. Q. Donnan presides over the Southern Methodist Church.

Summerville Lodge No. 346, I.O.O.F., was chartered May 19, 1876, with the following named members:  W. P. Dunlap, E. F. Gardner, Gus Paulding, W. C. Baskett and J. S. Leavitt.  The present membership is twenty-one.  This lodge has furnished the membership of Houston and Eminence, and is still in a most prosperous condition.  The lodge building, erected in 1878, cost $900, is paid for, and they now have money on hand.

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